Local MP Todd Muller is calling on the community to get in behind a local petition requesting the Government to allocate funding for an after-hours medical centre in Papamoa.

The petition to the House of Representatives is a real grassroots movement being driven by local resident Judy Killalea and currently has over 2500 signatures.

“Papamoa is one of New Zealand’s fastest growing areas with increasing numbers of young families and more senior residents choosing to call our community home” Mr Muller said.

“After-hours medical support is a vital piece of infrastructure that our community is currently missing – but we are hoping to change that”.

“This will deliver better health outcomes and offer peace of mind for locals who will know that in the case of a medical emergency – whether that be a baby with a high fever or an elderly relative having a heart issue – they don’t need to drive right across town”.

“This will become even more important as our community inevitably continues to grow to the East” Mr Muller added.

“The petition closes this Friday and I urge all Bay locals, even if they don’t live in Papamoa, to support this call to action” Mr Muller concluded.

You can sign the petition by clicking this link

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