Bay of Plenty MP Todd Muller welcomes National’s recent educational announcement and is proud to be part of a Government that is wisely investing in the education of our children.

A re-elected National will implement a targeted four-point education package costing $379 million.

This includes $48 million to introduce new digital learning opportunities, a $126 million investment to raise maths achievement for primary school students, a $160 million investment to give all primary school children the opportunity to learn a second language, and an expansion National Standards so families have more comprehensive and timelier information about their children's achievements in the classroom.

“We owe it to our children to wisely invest to ensure they leave school equipped with the skills they need to succeed in the modern world” Mr Muller said.

“I’m particularly excited that every child who has an interest in learning a second language will have the option to do just that – whether that is mandarin, French, Te Reo or NZ sign language”.

“Languages bring a new perspective to life that is full of opportunity, outward looking, and connects us to the world. When it comes to international trade these skills are more important than ever” he added.

“It’s not just the kids who will benefit. As a busy father of three I’m looking forward to being able to track my children’s progress on my mobile phone. That’s 21st century education” Mr Muller said.

“As a parent back National Standards 100 per cent as a mechanism to set clear expectations about what our kids need to achieve in terms of reading, writing and mathematics” he concluded.

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