Bay of Plenty MP Todd Muller welcomes today’s announcement that the unemployment rate at 4.6% is now the lowest since the beginning of the global financial crisis.

“A strong labour market and dropping unemployment is great news for kiwi families, businesses and New Zealand as a whole” Mr Muller said.

“This kind of economic performance doesn’t happen by chance and is a reflection of the confidence that New Zealand businesses have had in the Governments economic plan over the past 9 years”.

“When businesses have the confidence to invest and are growing it is every day people who see the benefits – during National’s time in office the average wage increased by more than 28 per cent to $59,840” he added.

“What we are seeing are more people in work, earning higher wages”.

When broken down by regions with the greatest employment growth the Bay of Plenty is up 9.2 per cent – second only to the Waikato up 9.4%.

“This reflects the feeling I’m getting in conversations around the electorate – from the builder looking to take on new apprentices, to the hairdresser taking on new staff, to the Auckland business people who are looking to relocate their operations to the Bay”.

“The new government are inheriting a very strong economy. For New Zealand’s sake I hope they maintain business confidence, promote an open and growing economy, and don’t waste away the hard fought gains of the last 9 years” he concluded.

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