MP welcomes lift for families in hardship

Press releases
Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A $790 million package aimed at reducing hardship among children in New Zealand’s lowest-income households is at the heart of the Government Budget announced today, says Bay of Plenty MP Todd Muller.

The package includes a $25 per week increase in benefit rates for families with children, more childcare support for low-income families, increased work obligations for sole parents on a benefit, and an increase in Working for Families payments to low-income families not on a benefit.

“I am proud to see such a strong focus on vulnerable groups in society in this budget”, says Todd Muller.

“The 2014 election revealed how much some issues such as child poverty matter to Kiwis, and this is a clear signal that the Government is in touch and listening.”

The Budget puts money where it is most needed while giving taxpayers value for money and responsibly manages the Government’s books. New Zealand is doing well, and Budget 2015 will help it do even better.