Waipuna Hospice Wing Opens

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Saturday, May 30, 2015

When we are born, we have midwives, doctors (and with my kids at least) emotional Mums and Dads and families welcoming our little souls into the world. Our arrival is supported by the best of care.  Last Friday we recognised it is just as important that as our older souls depart this world they are surrounded by much love, care and comfort.  At our Waipuna Hospice Day Wing Extension we have a facility which rivals the best in the country.  Highly professional staff working in a new day stay centre which reflects the needs of our community, not only those on their journey but the families and whanau who are walking the journey as well.

Over the next ten years, one of the challenges facing the public health service will be the increase in the population aged over 80.

The Government has been preparing for this demographic change by investing over $200 million more in services to care for older New Zealanders. We have expanded the availability of support available in the home, increased the number of dementia beds available by 25 per cent and boosted funding for aged care nursing.

The Government has also increased the rest home bed subsidy by 5 per cent from 1 October 2014, this means an increase of $10 million per year in public funding for rest home providers, improving end of life care.

So often when we are caring for others, we don’t stop and think of our own needs, the day stay at Waipuna recognises  this and will be a huge help to many Bay families.  My thanks goes out to the 700 volunteers who support at Waipuna.  You are the true heroes of our community.  Understated, often involved for deep personal reasons that link to that beautiful  place, you showcase the best of us at a time in the year when selfless sacrifice is remembered and celebrated.

Happy Easter to you all.