How we keep our community strong

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Monday, June 15, 2015

Many of you would have heard about the local social service organisation Kidz need Dadz which got burgled of most of its furniture and appliances.

What struck me most was the community’s reaction. In many parts of the world people are desensitised to the misfortune of others, and we can be mere ball-gazers at the sad stories which fill the news. But the Bay of Plenty is not one of these.

Time and time again we come to the support of each other when misfortune hits. Kidz Need Dadz has been inundated with donations and support from good-sorts in the community. We look after our neighbours and find ways to offer practical support.

I value the strength that these organisations such as Kidz Need Dadz bring to our social fabric and I’m proud we recognise this as a community. We are a strong community because of all the hours that our volunteers put in.

So whether an organisation gets burgled, or a tornado ruins houses, or a kid’s bike gets stolen, we are there ready to help.