Valuing our volunteers

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Monday, June 29, 2015

One the quirk of our modern lives is how time poor we appear to be. We always seem to be rushing from one event to the next, diaries filled with personal and professional obligations. Like no other generation before, alternative calls on our time crowd in on us, each trying to outbid each together for our resources.

Often these causes have a ‘week’ associated with them to give extra focus. This week is no exception, its Volunteering in NZ week. I think this week should be the preeminent cause of our community because all good works and social purpose, no matter how large or small, are only enabled by local people choosing to care, to prioritise their time, to volunteer.

Acknowledging those who volunteer is important to me and something I try to do wherever I can. There are thousands of you out there. Thank you for all you do in making our community a special place.

Our community farewelled Tracy Rea last Thursday, one of our volunteering thousands – her passion, beyond her own special family, was focused on the very youngest of our society. May her example continue to inspire.