Growing our region

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Carving out funds to support Kiwis requires carefully balancing our taxes and redistributing it to where it is needed. This is much easier when the economy is doing well.

The latest headlines show the Bay is currently leading the country in job growth (about 20 percent in the second quarter); in particular, our construction, trade and service industries are demanding more workers. Furthermore, Tauranga is New Zealand’s fastest growing city and we’re seeing surging growth in our local towns such as Papamoa and Omokoroa.

The strong local economy is drawing more people to our region and, in turn, the government through a well-managed budget is in a better position to support Kiwis.

As of last week young families were entitled to free doctor visits for their kids under 13 – that’s about 38,000 kids who benefit in the Bay of Plenty. Also paid parental leave has increased to $516.85 per week and average ACC levies have dropped by around $130 per year.

As it is able, the government is channelling more funds to where they’re needed so that we’re better off as a society. It is what we expect and appreciate being done with our hard-earned money. I think it’s great to see a strong people-focused approach being led by the Government.