Speaking of roads and sculptures

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Friday, July 31, 2015

You may remember times in your youth when you tried to set a land speed record on your pushbike by finding the steepest hill and racing down with reckless abandon. You’ll recall both the thrill and undivided tunnel vision focus you had on the road right in front of you, especially if you got fast enough to get speed wobbles!

Last week we celebrated the opening of the Tauranga Eastern Link with the Prime Minister John Key and our local leaders. The TEL is an example of the Government’s continual investment it is making in the Bay of Plenty’s infrastructure, alongside developing our schools, hospitals and telecommunications networks. At the speed that life goes by, where soon we may forget that travelling between Tauranga City and Papamoa once took longer, it was great to be with the Prime Minister and MP Simon Bridges to slow down and take in this special moment.

Yet despite our innate need for getting from A to B quicker, it is worth spending a moment on other factors of our wellbeing: The accessibility of art and culture. The Hairy Maclairy sculptures on the Waterfront were unveiled last week, too. This speaks to the softer side of the community where the arts offer so much depth and enjoyment to our daily life.

We’re privileged in the Bay of Plenty to have both the necessary infrastructural investment and a range of world-class artists who seek in their own ways to make the Bay such a great place to live. Thank you to all those who contribute in their own way to making our community such a thriving hub of life.