A great year for tourism

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Monday, September 14, 2015

You may have seen the headline recently in the Bay of Plenty Times: Cruise Ships Keep Local. Our local economy has had $35 million injected into it through cruise ships, and we are the second most visited region in the country.

Tourism is our second-biggest export earner and the industry is proving to be in excellent shape which is good news for our economy as a whole. Over 3 million people visited New Zealand in the year to July - seven per cent more than last year, and more than ever before.

A strong tourism sector, along with the booming kiwifruit industry in the Bay, help diversify the economy and soften the shocks caused by industries such as the diary sector with its current low payout.

The Government is supporting the local tourism in the Bay through initiatives such as the $14.61 million to speed the build of local cycleways and networks. Countrywide, the Government spends about $600 million in tourism to develop the industry and jobs sector. 

Combined with the great climate and lifestyle here, the Bay is building a reputation as one of the most economically resilient and best places to live in New Zealand.

Let’s keep the good headlines coming!