Recognising our volunteer firemen

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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Have you ever wondered what our community would be like if you took charity away? 

I spent last Saturday evening honouring a particular group of volunteers with nearly 100 locals. These individuals are there when your roof needs to be tied down in a storm, at the scene of an accident, or when buildings burn and people are in danger (to name a few): the Omokoroa Volunteer Fire Station.

It was a privilege to represent the wider community and thank these fine men and women and their families or their service, including three for many long years of good conduct and service. Giving to a cause greater than oneself defines the character of a person, and the station was filled with people of great character who hold down jobs, work hard and are always a pager call away from the dash to the fire station anytime day or night. 

Volunteering is the glue of our community and last Saturday I saw it again in spades. The selfless support of our volunteer firemen and many others make our community a more supportive, welcoming and better place to live.