It is a great time to be an avocado grower!

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Friday, September 18, 2015

I recently had the opportunity to ask Nathan Guy, our Minister for Primary Industries, a question in the House during Question Time: “What recent reports has received on growth in the avocado industry?”

It was a great opportunity to hear about the record breaking season they have had this year. Some 7.9 million trays were produced this year, up from 4.9 million trays in the previous year!

New Zealand is a world leader in the avocado industry and our growth will certainly be a topic of conversation at the World Avocado Congress in Peru this week. 

Around 90,000 more Kiwi homes are buying avocados and record volumes are being exported to priority Asian markets. 

Putting some figures in perspective, the average orchard gate returns for growers are now almost $25,000 per hectare, up from $20,700 last year!

From the Government’s side, we’re supporting the growth of the avocado industry through our $8.5 million Avocados Go Global Primary Growth Partnership programme. This is about transforming our avocado industry into a globally competitive, high-value, sustainable export industry, alongside a growing domestic market. The programme will help support the industry to triple productivity to 12 tonnes per hectare and quadruple industry returns from $70 million to $280 million by 2023. 

Also free-trade agreements, such as the Korea free-trade agreements, are hugely positive for the avocado industry. It is a great time to be an avocado grower!