One year on

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Friday, September 25, 2015

Cast your memory back one year ago – New Zealanders had just voted in the National-led Government with a record majority and a clear mandate that work needs to be done on our most vulnerable in society.

I’m tremendously proud of where we stand together as a region and a country today, one year on.

We’ve seen the Government take on board the concerns of Kiwis reflected in the election and integrate that into concrete outcomes:

  • Free doctor's visits and prescriptions for children under 13
  • Increasing welfare for our most vulnerable for the first time in over 40 years
  • $790 million budget package for children in hardship
  • Reduced ACC levies 
  • 69,000 new jobs created in the year to June

Also as a region we have seen some excellent gains.

  • A full-scale recovery of kiwifruit growers since the Psa-virus
  • Completion of the Tauranga Eastern Link
  • $14.61 million invested into our cycleways
  • Strong performance from all sectors in our community, including growers, construction and tourism.

The business optimism in the Bay is palpable and a common headline. We can afford to take stock and be proud of what our region has achieved in this last year.