Cutting red tape

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

We’ve heard your frustrations, and we’re making changes. Ideally, people want to deal with local government bureaucracy as little as possible.

Delays, unnecessary costs, complexity and annoyance can characterise those dealings, whether it’s in regard to building work, dog control, tree cutting, or health and safety.

We set up the Rules Reduction Taskforce which has published the findings of meetings throughout the country where New Zealanders had a say on such matters. The report, The Loopy Rules Report: New Zealanders Tell Their Stories, outlines plenty of practical solutions to improve the service they offer and clarify their requirements of people they serve.

Two-thirds of submissions related to the rules in the Resource Management Act and Building Act. The Taskforce is recommending steps to simplify building and resource consents and the costs associated with them.

They’re also asking governmental departments and agencies to immediately make efficiency changes where possible. Our focus over the last seven years has been on improving the services provided by local government.

Ultimately it’s a step-by-step process by which soon we’ll see less and less red tape.