Seven years delivering for all New Zealanders

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Saturday, November 7, 2015

It’s now seven years since National was elected to Government. We’ve been busy from day one, focusing on the economy, law and order, education, and health.

Here’s just a snapshot of our achievements over the past seven years.

We’ve turned the Government’s books around and achieved surplus for the 2014/15 year, a target we first set following the devastating Canterbury earthquakes and the Global Financial Crisis.

National has overseen a growing economy that’s supporting more jobs, higher incomes, and positive household savings – there’s been almost 200,000 jobs created over the past four years. The average annual wage is now over $57,000 – an increase of $10,000 since 2008.

The biggest tax reforms in 25 years delivered across-the-board income tax cuts putting more money in New Zealanders’ back pockets and helping businesses become more competitive.

The first real benefit increases in 43 years mean 110,000 vulnerable families with children will be better off.

We’re delivering free doctor’s visits and prescriptions for children aged under 13 – that’s 750,000 kids who are benefitting. We’re also helping families by extending paid parental leave.

More people are getting the operations they need – we’re delivering around 50,000 more elective operations a year than in 2008 as well as ensuring cancer patients are getting treatment faster.

A record $25 billion is now being invested in health and education every year. Our dedication to education is ensuring our young people are getting a better education and achieving better qualifications.

We’ve negotiated major trade agreements to help our exporters, which will be massive for the Bay’s horticultural sector, and we’re supporting households and businesses through lower ACC levies and rolling out faster broadband across the country.

We must build on these gains. There is still much to do, particularly addressing the challenges of too many people still unable to fully function in our community. The Government will continue to promote innovative solutions, regardless of whose idea it was, so we maintain the momentum we’ve built up since 2008.