MP for the Bay of Plenty Todd Muller welcomes TPP benefit for kiwifruit growers

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy has outlined how the TPP will benefit kiwifruit growers nationwide and in the Bay following questions from Todd Muller in parliament today.

“The answers that were given by the minister today showed how important the TPP is for Kiwifruit growers in the Bay and nationwide,” said Todd. 

“The value of this agreement for our kiwifruit industry is significant and will deliver real additional returns of $15 million per year from reduced tariffs equating to over $6000 per year for each grower, which in turn will flow through our towns.

“I found it very disappointing that both Labour and NZ First remain opposed and don’t seem to care that this value has been hard won for local growers and deserves to be protected and enhanced.  Our future are the consumers of the world, not isolation and inward looking policies from the opposition.

“Minister Guy advised that on entry into force the TPP will eliminate all Kiwifruit Tariffs.

“Zespri is showing a record result in the Japanese market which is Zespri’s largest market with 21 Million trays sold. This will support our overall competitiveness in the market and it is expected that annual sales will increase by around 10% over the next 5 years.

“Zespri’s forecast payment for growers is 1.1 billion dollars which is up 177 million dollars on 2014-2015 results.

“The Bay of Plenty has a large stake in the success of the Kiwifruit industry and this agreement will support that success, said Mr Muller.


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