The recovery and growth of our kiwifruit industry

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Bay has recently hosted the 1st International Symposium on Kiwifruit and Health and it was a unique opportunity to explore the nutritional and health benefits of kiwifruit.

The Symposium brought together global health influencers including researchers, academics, health professionals and international health media to showcase leading science underway across the industry.

This symposium highlighted the importance of our region as not only the leading producer – providing 80% of the kiwifruit for the country, but also an important area in terms or research and development for the industry.

The focus that is seen in the kiwifruit industry is relentlessly consumer based which is a key to the industry’s success. The industry has gone from strength to strength as a result of their ability to ensure that the product that the customer gets is of a superior quality.

Research and exposure for the industry can only mean good things for our region. The Kiwifruit industry employs 6,000 Bay of Plenty locals so it’s great to see we’re looking towards a record breaking harvest for this year.

The turnaround of the industry after the devastating effects of PSA is as a result of the considerable investment in research and development and it is a testament to the key players in the industry. The bold and exciting move by Zespri who released an additional licenses for 400 new hectares of SunGold this year will affect the region positively in both economically and in the employment sector.

The industry has not only recovered from PSA but have come through it in a much better position. The TPP is poised to further this removing all tariffs on kiwifruit on entry into force. This will deliver real additional returns of $15 million per year from reduced tariffs equating to over $6000 per year for each grower which in turn will flow through our communities. This is before the economic growth of the industry is included.

The TPP will give our industry a large boost after a great recovery and has a bright future in our region and on the world stage.