Support for small businesses

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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Small and medium-sized businesses are the backbone of our communities. A vast majority of enterprises in the Western Bay of Plenty employ 20 or fewer people. 

Small business owners put their capital on the line because they believe that they have something to offer our communities, nation and world. It takes an incredible amount of work to take a good or service to the market as a small business and it is vital that we continuously search out ways to reduce the financial and time burdens that these enterprises face.

That’s why the Government, for example, has cut ACC levies. It’s why we introduced 90-day trials and a starting-out wage. It is why we fund the roll-out of faster broadband. These and other measures help explain why small business confidence is in solid, positive territory in New Zealand and we will continue to support and encourage these businesses growth.

A new tax package will make paying tax easier and more certain for small businesses. It will reduce the burden of interest and penalties and will assist smaller businesses to better tailor payments to their own circumstances. 

Every single sector and every single enterprise that is exporting will benefit from the TPP. Signing the TPP will save New Zealand exporters around $274 million a year in tariffs and boost our economy by at least $2.7 billion a year by 2030.

These and many other initiatives are ensuring that the future of work is served by an efficient and productive system that allows our small nation to be successful on the world stage.