Support for our vulnerable children

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Monday, August 22, 2016

Supporting our vulnerable children is so important and it is vital that  we take every step possible towards achieving that goal. Currently the long-term outcomes for children and young people who grow up in our care are terrible but we have made some announcements that will work to improve this.

Most importantly a new child-centred, stand-alone ministry will be established, The Ministry for Vulnerable Children, Oranga Tamariki. This ministry will have a new operating model to put the needs of children first so they can live safe and happy lives. All front line social workers will transition to a new child-centre Ministry on April 1 2017 and will be supported in further training to help make a difference. To ensure the protection and happiness of the children in our care this ministry will likely require more, not fewer, staff. 

We are acting on the report of the Modernising Child, Youth, and Family Expert Panel, which stated that the current system is not delivering effectively for vulnerable children and young people, and that transformational change is required.

I believe that we will see the model shift from a crisis model to a prevention and intervention model which will keep our children safer and put their voices at the heart of the situations.

Positive Transformational change will come, not a moment too soon, to look after our most vulnerable.