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Tue 3 May 2016
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I was asked to give a speech recently on some of the Governments achievements in the Bay.  As I started to list them I realised how extraordinary the last few years have been.   

Wed 20 Apr 2016
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Small and medium-sized businesses are the backbone of our communities.

With 96 per cent of all Western Bay of Plenty enterprises employing 20 or fewer people, it is vital to continuously search out ways to reduce the financial and time burdens that small businesses face.

Wed 13 Apr 2016
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The outcomes for children and young people who come into state care are terrible.

Children in care often end up with low educational achievement, reliant on a benefit, and have contact with the Youth Justice and Corrections systems.

Tue 5 Apr 2016
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We all know in our hearts, the importance of our children.  Most of our young are well loved, but too many are vulnerable to harm and hurt.   We are determined to ensure young children in the care of the state are well looked after.  Unfortunately the Children and Young Families Service has not delivered consistently for our

Wed 6 Apr 2016
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Each year the government spends a large portion of tax on public services. This includes vital spending on health, education, infrastructure, justice, and welfare. It’s important we target this spending carefully at services that are effective.

Wed 30 Mar 2016
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With Easter over for another year, many New Zealanders have something else to look forward to. Extra support for families, which has been made possible by the Government’s careful economic management, kicks in on April 1. 

Wed 23 Mar 2016
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Family violence in this country is too high.

Despite crime in New Zealand falling to its lowest rate since 1978, our rates of family violence are appallingly high.

Last year alone, 100,000 incidences were reported to Police – around one every five minutes.

Wed 16 Mar 2016
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A review of a new service for students with the highest needs has found it is improving behaviour and educational outcomes. Almost all of the families involved in the study saw the Intensive Wraparound Service (IWS) as a major improvement for their children with some describing it as a life-saver.

Wed 9 Mar 2016
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As the MP for Bay of Plenty, I know one of the most important things I can do is work towards a stronger economy and more jobs to support our families and households, especially with the rate that our region is growing at.

Wed 2 Mar 2016
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Looking ahead New Zealand remains well placed to build on the progress we’ve all made in recent years.