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Bay of Plenty Electorate Newsletter

Autumn 2023

In my autumn newsletter I am focussing on our community good sorts, the people who dedicate their time, energy and resources to others. Our volunteers, our fundaisers, our advisors, our school leaders. The people who help others in need who I've met over the last few months are featured in this newsletter.

It's being delivered to letterboxes throughout the electorate during the first week in April, but you can click the image below to open the newsletter in PDF format.

If you know others not mentioned in my Community Page, please ask them to contact my team so we can include their details. 

Best wishes to you for a great April and I hope you enjoy some time with loved ones this Easter.

From the Bay to the Beehive January 2023

January 31, 2023 Share

It's been a wild start to 2023, politically and meteorogically.

Anniversary weekend was not happy for many in the Bay of Plenty, Coromandel and Auckland regions with the sad loss of life and homes for many. 

I visited constituents around the region over the weekend, including Maungatapu where a family lost their house to a massive landslip. There is a Givealittle page here to help the family with immediate expenses if you are able to assist.  Thankfully the family are all safe and being cared for.

If you have been affected by flooding, please contact my team who can direct you towards the best sources of assistance.

On the political front, National and Labour both held their annual caucus retreats in the Hawkes Bay this month, in a strange scheduling coincidence. 

National Leader Christopher Luxon announced the National Caucus portfolios and I am delighted to have been confirmed in my role as Agriculture Spokesperson, with the addition of the Climate Change portfolio too. This is my second time with Climate Change and I’m looking forward to working with the agricultural sector to develop a climate change policy that works for farmers as well as for New Zealand’s international environment obligations.

It's hard to ignore the events in Government over the last week, with a major change in Labour’s leadership line up and further Cabinet reassignments too. We are hearing sound bites designed to appeal to middle New Zealand, who have expressed growing alarm at the radical swerve to the left that the previous leadership were taking our country in.

I wish Chris Hipkins well in his new role. He has indicated that some of the more contentious policies, that we’ve been surprised with since the last election, will be put on the back burner. No doubt that will be welcome news to many. But if legislation by stealth has been acceptable to the Government this term, can we believe that they won’t do the same if re-elected for a third term this October?

Over the next nine months my colleagues and I will stay focused on the core issues of cost of living, rising crime, overwhelmed health services and falling educational achievement. Tax relief, welfare-to-work programmes, and consequences for youth and gang crime are other key areas we will address as the next National government.

Have a great February and I hope to see you out and about in the Bay.

Kindest regards


Todd Muller
MP for Bay of Plenty

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From the Bay to the Beehive this November

December 01, 2022 Share

It's an eventful week this Parliamentary recess. With my Primary Industries portfolios of Agriculture and Oceans and Fisheries, Fieldays is a key event for me to connect with stakeholders and that's where I'm spending the next few days.

Having so many encounters with primary industry stakeholders in one week and in one place is extremely valuable and the Fieldays makes this possible. Having spent much of my life working in the horticulture and dairy industries, these portfolios are a natural fit for me and I appreciate the warm welcome when travelling around New Zealand to meet with farmers and others in this sector.

Earlier this week I hosted Opposition Leader Christopher Luxon, together with Tauranga MP Sam Uffindell. Chris addressed a Business Chamber lunch and shared National’s plans for restoring a healthy economy for New Zealand. We visited two key social investment programmes for the Bay of Plenty: Graeme Dingle Foundation and Good Neighbour (pictures below). Luckily the Bay of Plenty weather did its thing and we had a rain-free day.

With just another month till the end of 2022 there's a lot to fit in. Parliament resumes next week and our National Caucus has plenty to focus on as we hold the Government to account, especially on their intention to entrench Water Services legislation. 

I hope to see you out and about over the coming weeks.

Scroll down to view pictures of where I've been and who I've connected with in the last month.

Kindest regards


Todd Muller
MP for Bay of Plenty

People I met and Places I Visited this November

Papamoa Volunteer Fire Brigade Honours Night


It was a very special night celebrating with Pat Wilson and family his 14 years long service and good conduct medal with the Papamoa Volunteer Firefighters - what an awesome group who care for our community.

Canterbury Show Day


Couldn't have asked for a better time at The New Zealand Agricultural Show in Canterbury meeting exhibitors and visitors, and got to watch the 2022 Clash of the Colleges event - which included gumboot throwing, egg throw and catch, and wool fadge races. 

Graeme Dingle Foundation Kiwi Can


Dan Allen-Gordon from the Graeme Dingle Foundation and Matt Simeon, Principal of Papamoa Primary School, showed us a session of Kiwi Can which teaches young children about values, respect, consent and managing emotions. It was a very powerful visit, engaging with the children on the basketball court and in the classroom.

Good Neighbour


Another local success story we took Christopher Luxon to is Good Neighbour, conceived by Campbell Hill and managed by Simone Gibson with their dedicated team of staff and volunteers. Good Neighbour provides social assistance and, as well as practical help of distribution of rescued food, firewood and lawnmower rental, their team provide a hand up to help people to help themselves. The power of volunteering has led to greater self-respect and self-reliance as well as increased connectedness to the community. If you’re looking for a way to volunteer in our community, please consider contacting Good Neighbour to offer your support.

Rural Meetings


Back into farmer meetings with in the Hawkes Bay and Wairarapa with Christopher Luxon and also Balclutha. Frank and honest conversations are helpful as we develop primary industry policy over the coming months.



Interesting visit to the Port for a meeting with Pelco, a family owned seafood export company where Sam Uffindell and I were given a tour of the processing plant at the Mount and had a look at the boat unloading at the Port of Tauranga. Jack Mackerel were being loaded for export to Africa where it's a very popular source of protein. We're pictured with Tom Wilson, Andrew Rolleston, Maureen Rolleston, Steve Keeves and Delwyn Cloughley.

Henry and Ted's Afternoon Tea


I enjoyed shouting a cuppa and scone for retired Papamoa constituents at Henry & Ted's Cafe, one of my regular refueling stops. It was great to get feedback from the community about the issues that matter to them. 

Omanu Rescue Centre Opening


The Port of Tauranga Rescue Centre was opened by the Prime Minister this month. Donal Boyle has done an amazing job getting the centre finished in just a year. It's the hub for surf life saving operations in the eastern region, covering 19 clubs from Hot Water Beach to Gisborne.

Other cool people I met this November


Above left: Erica Stanford visited the Bay of Plenty electorate as Opposition Spokesperson for Immigration and appreciated a catch up with local kiwifruit growers before attending a combined Te Puna-Omokoroa dinner at Te Puna Hall where she spoke about her portfolios and what drove her to become an MP.
Centre: Matt Delaney and Jeremy Gooders came for a chatabout the incredible work St John do in our community. Until we can get our much-needed after hours medical facility in Papamoa, it's good to know that the St John crew has roving ambulances throughout the district to respond quickly when needed. Their triage service helps them to help the people most in need, while providing virtual appointments for those with less urgent needs. 
If you are keen to help St John as well as your loved ones, consider gifting St John memberships this Christmas.
Above right: Claire Dale has done an amazing job getting her petition heard at the Petitions Select Committee in the next stage of her aim to see abusers of disabled parking spaces fined in private as well as public car parks. Best of luck Claire, you've worked hard for this. 





October newsletter - From the Bay to the Beehvie

October 31, 2022 Share


I hope you've had a great month. October for me has been busy but rewarding. Parliament's recess meant the chance to visit some of the more remote parts of my electorate plus Michelle and I managed to spend a few days in Queenstown celebrating our twenty year anniversary. Only another thirty years till we get a Golden Anniversary congratulations card from our MP!

This month I was appointed Acting Opposition Spokesman for Agriculture, Food Safety and Biosecurity. Having spent most of my career in the Primary Industries space I feel at home with these portfolios, which I am enjoying along with Oceans & Fisheries and Internal Affairs. So it's a busy time for me and my team.

In agriculture, a key focus for National is to push for better consultation with stakeholders on our farms regarding emission pricing. When the Government recently announced its proposals, key points that the consultation partnership had suggested were missing; up to 20 per cent of the capacity of sheep and beef farming could be lost by 2030 – while seeing emissions increase offshore as production and jobs move overseas. This is as unacceptable to National as it is to farmers.

The Government must listen to the anger and frustration in our rural communities. It needs to return to the negotiating table and find a solution that farmers can support. A solution that works for them, that works for our economy and is the right thing for our environment.

I'm looking forward to hosting my friend and colleague Erica Stanford early next month. If you'd like to meet National's Immigration and Education Spokesperson, please join us for dinner in Te Puna on Friday 11 November. Details are here.

Below are some of the clever people I've met and interesting places I've visited over the last month. 

Kindest regards


Todd Muller
MP for Bay of Plenty

Contact me


Seniors afternoon tea

Throughout the year I enjoy connecting with senior constituents over a cuppa and scone. This month I met with locals from Welcome Bay, Hairini, Ohauiti and Maungatapu at Cafe Botannix. Thanks for coming to share your views, concerns and good wishes with me as your local MP.


Murray Denyer, Mark Begbie and their team showed me the incredible work being done by PlantTech for our horticulture industry. Their technology helps plan for harvest quantities with the use of cameras and software that predicts crop outcomes. Amazing talent. 

Kaimai Mamaku Forest Restoration

I loved getting my hiking boots on to visit the forest restoration project in the Lower Kaimais with the Ngamanawa Trust. Thanks so much to Louise, Craig, Gerry, Raua, Tim, Tapararo and Cheyenne for showing me the traps (thankfully empty) and for sharing some of the region's importance in  Bay of Plenty history. I enjoyed hearing about the significance of this area to the local iwi Ngāti Hangarau and it's easy to see why it's considered one of our region's most special spots.

Tauranga Sports Fishing Club

It was great to stop by and chat with recreational fishers at the Sports Fishing Club Members' Night. Thanks to Barry, Butch, Russ and all who made me welcome. In my Oceans & Fisheries portfolio it's really valuable to spend time with the people most impacted by government policy and I appreciated the honest conversations I had with the local members. Great chips to go with the fish talk too!

Other Catch Ups


  • Above at left I am at the Oceania 2035 Agritech conference with Emma Blom and Tessa Strang.
  • Centre pic shows me at the Export NZ 50 Year Celebration in with Brett O’Riley and Joanna Hall.
  • At right I'm at the Aquaculture Conference with with Maegan Blom and Ben Pierce.


  • Above at left, marking the Centenary of Te Puna Hall, I'm with local kaumatua Tommy Kuka, Ian Duncalf and Councillor Don Thwaites.
  • At centre, I'm with Sue, Alison and Shirley at Bay Financial Mentors whose free service provides valuable financial advice for people with money struggles. Thanks for hosting me,
  • At right I'm with Helen Whareaitu who is Area Manager of Tauranga Moana for the 2023 Census. Register your interest to work for the Census at There are a variety of interesting roles available over the coming months.


  • Above at left with Michelle and I is Warwick Francis (who was made a Life Member of Omokoroa Fire and First Responders) and the Omokoroa Volunteer Fire Brigade at their Awards Night are pictured at centre.
  • At right I'm catching up with new principal and fellow Old Boy of Tauranga Boys' College, Andrew Turner, who was in the same class as my brother Craig.  





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September 2022 Newsletter

September 29, 2022 Share

Spring Newsletter for the Bay of Plenty Electorate

I write this in the days immediately after the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. She was a profoundly remarkable woman who led a life infused by privilege, yet lived day-by-day for over 70 years in selfless service of us all. Her life-long demonstration of values resonates even more distinctly today than in 1952.
I have felt deeply saddened as I’ve reflected upon the loss of her constant and sure presence in our lives. Her passing makes us remember the many others of her generation who have left us.

It is certainly spring time, I love the warmer weather (not the pine pollen), but I am grateful to live in a simply beautiful part of the world.
Many of us have moved here because there is no place we’d rather be. But there are many things we would rather not be as broken.
You give me feedback every day.

You want more homes built, better roads, more investment in local schools, better access to healthcare and safer streets – and a hell of a lot more focus on running the country better.
Costs are out of control and there is a sense we are slipping backwards, both individually and as a country.
So what’s my focus on your behalf?

  • Connectivity – ensure our Kaimai community can connect with the world through better internet;
  • Roading - sort SH29 so traffic doesn’t crawl into our city; ensure TNL continues to Omokoroa (it should have been built already);
  • Law and Order - more police to help out with juvenile crime - especially shop theft, ram raids – and a new police station for Papamoa;
  • Education - more investment in social workers to better support local teachers;
  • Health - Actually build the new mental health facility that was promised; after-hours care in Papamoa - the ending of our local DHB has stalled momentum on this project.

I love being your MP. I enjoy working with Christopher Luxon and Nicola Willis. They have asked me to also ensure we have an Oceans and Fisheries policy that improves our marine environment and balances our commercial, recreational and customary interests.

There’s a lot to do. I firmly believe we can make this beautiful place the envy of the country.

See you out and about - and as always, if you have some thoughts, email, ring my office or connect via social media - all my contact details are here.
Take care.

Read the full newsletter as PDF.





July 2022 Newsletter

August 01, 2022 Share

It’s becoming more apparent each day how little this government cares about the New Zealanders who work on our front line helping to keep us safe in emergencies. These are our critical workers and they are being treated abysmally by the government that promotes kindness.

Police, nurses, clinicians, fire fighters … their systems are all massively under-resourced while staff face increasing pressure in their workload. Our fire stations are under huge stress with some appliances going out under-staffed, and some stations having to close due to lack of staff. This poses increased risk for the safety of our first responders and for the people they hope to help.

Our hospitals and elderly care facilities are struggling to recruit or retain staff. Only 78% of patients that presented to a local ED between January and March this year were seen within six hours, compared to 86.7% in 2020. This is partly due to border closures over the last two years, and partly due to the fact that we are competing with other countries to attract nurses; in Australia nurses are put on a pathway to residency with higher pay.

Police are too stretched to respond to every call for help and shoplifters know that the Police are not allowed to pursue them, even if there were enough officers available. I was sad to see Papamoa Plaza suffer a ram raid last weekend and Fashion Island has been regularly targeted by blatant thieves; small business owners everywhere are being badly affected by this Government’s soft approach in their attempt to keep prison numbers down.

I hope to see you if you’re free to attend my Papamoa public meeting next month to hear National’s perspectives on law and order with Opposition Police Spokesman Mark Mitchell.


Kindest regards


Todd Muller
MP for Bay of Plenty

Upcoming Events

  • Wednesday 17 August, 6 pm, Public Meeting on Law & Order at the Papamoa Surf Life Saving Club with Mark Mitchell, Opposition Police Spokesman. Book.

  • Monday 22 August 11 am, Morning tea with Penny Simmonds, Opposition Spokesperson for Tertiary Education, Matapihi (Email to request invitation)

  • Monday 29 August 3 pm Business in the Bay – Te Puna business networking and social event for constituents who own, manage or work in businesses in Te Puna: Book.

  • Friday 2 September - Dinner with Nicola Willis, Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Oropi (Email to request invitation)

  • Thursday 8 September 10-12, Matapihi - Into Work seminar with Louise Upston, Opposition Spokesperson for Social Development & Employment. A roadshow for employers, educators and community workers to connect with local people seeking employment and share ideas to encourage transitioning from welfare to work, removing barriers to employment (Email to request invitation)

  • Thursday 8 September 4.30 - Business at the Beach, networking and social event for constituents who own, manage or work around the Bayfair, Papamoa and Matapihi regions. Cleaver & Co at Bayfair: Book.

July highlights

Electorate Visits by MPs

Leader of the Opposition Christopher Luxon spent a day in neighbouring Rotorua electorate where he addressed a meeting in Te Puke attended by Rotorua MP Todd McClay and Tauranga MP Sam Uffindell. We appreciated hearing about Christopher's recent travels to Singapore, Ireland and the UK where he connected with key government and business leaders. 

East Coast Bays MP Erica Stanford spent a day in the Bay of Plenty electorate connecting with education and business stakeholders before addressing a public meeting in Welcome Bay together with Tauranga MP Sam Uffindell. Erica's portfolios of Education and Immigration are very relevant to many in our community who appreciated hearing her perspectives on current issues. 


Simon O'Connor visited from the Tamaki electorate to meet with Bay of Plenty constituents who enjoyed chatting with him over morning tea and hearing about his porfolio areas of Corrections, Customs and Foreign Affairs. 

Professional Fire Fighters

I appreciated hearing from the Tauranga and Mount Maunganui crews about what they deal with on a daily and weekly basis, fighting fires, rescuing people from cars and providing emergency medical assistance. They do so much for our community and they deserve to have their value recognised by FENZ. Click the image to view my video with the crews.

Papamoa Volunteer Fire Brigade


I was deeply honoured to be at the 50 year service (double gold star) medal for John Begg at the Papamoa Volunteer Fire Brigade annual awards dinner this month. Half a century of community service and the acknowledgment must also go to Helen and the wider Begg family who shared their husband, dad and grandad with us for so long.

Soft Packaging Recycling

Until recently our family, like many others, has had to drive to Bethlehem to recycle our soft plastics as these are not included in the Tauranga kerbside collection. It's great news that we now have soft plastic recycling at a number of supermarkets around our city, thanks to Foodstuffs, The Packaging Forum and Future Post. Our local Pak n Save has a new bin which is a big help, thanks Jon.

Youth Parliament

It was a great week in Wellington for 120 Youth MPs at the Youth Parliament which is held every three years. My electorate of the Bay of Plenty was represented by Tom Catto of Te Puna and Sam Uffindell's Tauranga Youth MP was Ben Cosgrove





June 2022 Update

July 01, 2022 Share

Hi Jo 

Well that's the first half of 2022 knocked off. It's great to be past the shortest day and I'm sure you, like me, look forward to lighter evenings soon.

It's been a busy month at Parliament with the National Caucus holding the Government to account in key areas including the economy, cost of living, education, health services, the fire service and immigration processing. 

We're seeing quite a few areas of incompetence in the Government's performance in these areas and Bay of Plenty constituents have been extremely vocal in their annoyance with policies that are having increasingly negative effects in their day to day lives.

My team are receiving increasing requests for assistance as resourcing gaps are revealed in New Zealand's health system, police force, passport office and immigration services; the realities of shutting our borders to skilled workers for two years.

Fire Service Inadequacies


In my Internal Affairs portfolio I've been working closely with our fire fighters, as FENZ is another Government department that is struggling - in their case, to staff stations and trucks, causing real concern for people's lives and properties. Here's a speech I made in Parliament on the subject.

National win in Tauranga By-election


Michelle and I were delighted to be among the first to congratulate Sam and Julia Uffindell for a successful campaign in this month's by-election in the Tauranga electorate. I have come to know Sam well  and am confident that he'll be a committed and successful advocate for his new constituents. I'm looking forward to Sam's swearing in at Parliament and Maiden Speech which will be on Tuesday 26 July.

Tauranga Boys' College


This week I'll be attending a farewell function at Tauranga Boys' College for retiring Principal Robert Mangan. Many of us in Tauranga will remember him well from our school days as he started there as a teacher 30 years ago. He has much to be proud of as he steps down after 14 years as Principal, a time in which he has built the College into a remarkable place of learning and I'm proud to be an alumnus. Enjoy retirement, Robert. Thank you for all you have done for the young men of our city. (Pictured above with Robert is 2021 Head Prefect Corban Laban-Palmer.)

Ian McKelvie visit to the Bay 

I was pleased to host my colleague Ian McKelvie on his visit to the Bay of Plenty electorate this month. Opposition Spokesman for Seniors, Forestry and Racing, Ian is has been MP for Rangitikei since 2011. We appreciated hearing his insights on the key portfolios he holds in Caucus, and hearing his considered answers to a number of questions from our audience.

Be heard on 3 Waters

One of the biggest complaints we're hearing at the office is about the Government's plans to centralise New Zealand's water services, and their disinterest in listening to people's views. National has pledged to repeal this legislation when we form the next Government but in the meantime I urge you to lodge a submission before the 22nd of July at this link.

Events to book

  • Monday 18 July: Public Meeting with Special Guest Erica Stanford, MP For East Coast Bays and Opposition Spokesperson for Education and Immigration.

    6pm at the Welcome Bay Hall: book here.
  • Friday 22 July, 6 pm at Matapihi
    Dinner with Special Guests Sam Uffindell (MP for Tauranga) and Sam Taylor (former Bay of Plenty Youth MP who's back for his summer break from Harvard). Book by phone as below or email [email protected] to reserve tickets for this popular annual dinner at the Omanu Golf Club in Matapihi.

  • Wednesday 17 August
    Public meeting with Special Guest Mark Mitchell, MP for Whangaparaoa and Opposition Spokesman for Police, Counter-Terrorism and the Serious Fraud Office.
    Local crime issues are a common topic of concern I'm hearing from constituents so this sure to be a popular event. 

    6pm at the Papamoa Surf Life Saving Club. Bookings recommended. 


Kindest regards


Todd Muller
MP for Bay of Plenty





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Seven-fold increase in DOC land destroyed by wild fires concerning

May 11, 2022 Share

The area of Department of Conservation (DOC) land burned in unwanted fires is rising rapidly yet the agency is doing just the bare minimum to protect land and has taken no accountability, National’s Fire and Emergency Spokesperson Todd Muller says.

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Bay of Plenty electorate newsletter: Autumn 2022

April 20, 2022 Share

My Autumn 2022 newsletter is hitting letter boxes this week. It's on line so others can read it too. Click the image below to open the PDF.

From the Bay to the Beehive - March 2022

April 07, 2022 Share

Have you noticed that your shopping bills are higher this March than last? I certainly have, and so have many constituents who've shared their frustration with me.

Labour is taking Kiwis backwards with a cost of living crisis in New Zealand. Since Labour came into office food prices are up more than 13 per cent – shoppers now have to spend nearly $4 for a kilo of cabbage, $12/kg for broccoli, $7 for a lettuce

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