September 2022 Newsletter

Spring Newsletter for the Bay of Plenty Electorate

I write this in the days immediately after the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. She was a profoundly remarkable woman who led a life infused by privilege, yet lived day-by-day for over 70 years in selfless service of us all. Her life-long demonstration of values resonates even more distinctly today than in 1952.
I have felt deeply saddened as I’ve reflected upon the loss of her constant and sure presence in our lives. Her passing makes us remember the many others of her generation who have left us.

It is certainly spring time, I love the warmer weather (not the pine pollen), but I am grateful to live in a simply beautiful part of the world.
Many of us have moved here because there is no place we’d rather be. But there are many things we would rather not be as broken.
You give me feedback every day.

You want more homes built, better roads, more investment in local schools, better access to healthcare and safer streets – and a hell of a lot more focus on running the country better.
Costs are out of control and there is a sense we are slipping backwards, both individually and as a country.
So what’s my focus on your behalf?

  • Connectivity – ensure our Kaimai community can connect with the world through better internet;
  • Roading - sort SH29 so traffic doesn’t crawl into our city; ensure TNL continues to Omokoroa (it should have been built already);
  • Law and Order - more police to help out with juvenile crime - especially shop theft, ram raids – and a new police station for Papamoa;
  • Education - more investment in social workers to better support local teachers;
  • Health - Actually build the new mental health facility that was promised; after-hours care in Papamoa - the ending of our local DHB has stalled momentum on this project.

I love being your MP. I enjoy working with Christopher Luxon and Nicola Willis. They have asked me to also ensure we have an Oceans and Fisheries policy that improves our marine environment and balances our commercial, recreational and customary interests.

There’s a lot to do. I firmly believe we can make this beautiful place the envy of the country.

See you out and about - and as always, if you have some thoughts, email, ring my office or connect via social media - all my contact details are here.
Take care.

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