National Needs You This Year

On Saturday 14 October 2023 New Zealand will go to the polls to elect the next government. With your help, we intend it to be a National-led government. The feedback I am hearing certainly indicates that's what many of you want. I often get asked how people can help and Mary, Mike and the Campaign Team are grateful for anyone who will give their time.

The official campaign period starts on Saturday 15 July and concludes at midnight on Friday 13 October. There are a number of key roles that are available.

  • Social Media - sharing posts to grow social media followers and get messaging out to voters;

  • Events - helping plan, manage and attend events throughout the electorate;

  • Phone calls - contacting constituents to tell them about news or events they may like to attend, and asking whether they need assistance to get to a polling booth;

  • Fund raising - helping to sell tickets to events, and encouraging new members to join the National Party;

  • Scrutineering - National has scrutineers at each polling booth with voting starting two weeks prior to 14 October. The team needs a large number of volunteers to ensure full coverage of each booth every day for shifts of three to five hours.

  • Street Corner Meetings - on the last three weekends prior to Election Day there are outdoor meetings in 20 different neighbourhoods. The team needs locals to attend and to spread the word about each upcoming meeting to ensure as many people as possible know about the opportunity to connect with National's 2023 candidate.

  • Flyer Deliveries - letter box deliveries about upcoming street corner meetings as well as pamphlets that come from National's leadership and policy teams;

  • Door Knocking - this means you'd be part of the team who support the candidate on visits to neighbourhoods to introduce themself and answer questions about the upcoming election.

  • Signage - there is a range of signs that need to be placed throughout the electorate, from small, portable lawn signs to extra large hoardings. Some are mobile, others are fixed in place for the duration of the campaign.

  • Hoardings - these are the large, wood-mounted billboards that are placed at key locations. Erecting, maintaining and dismantling them requires strength, good humour and skill with tools. It's a tight team of committed volunteers who are worth their weight in gold. 

  • Human Hoardings - groups of supporters wearing blue and waving coreflute signs at key locations. Usually held at at rush hour at busy intersections where people are sitting in traffic, this is a fun and easy activity that takes place over the last couple of weeks of the campaign. Reasonable fitness is required as you'll be standing for an hour or so each time.

  • Staffing - we need volunteers to represent the National Party at events throughout the electorate, chatting to constituents, answering questions and taking feedback.

  • Storage - short term and long term storage for our hoarding materials and maintenance. A garage with power, workshop and easy vehicle access during the campaign period, and for storage of the hoarding materials after the campaign has finished.

If you are not already a member, please consider joining. You can sign up here.

Please email the team with any queries about the campaign and your availability to assist; the campaign address is [email protected]

Will you volunteer?